Why did we save

The Solace Centre?

  Why did we save The Solace Centre?

In so many ways, for so many years (22 years) The Solace Centre has been here, supporting us everyday (the members/visitors/carers/friends) without fanfare or reward. It just got on with it.

So when the proposal to close this service happened (in 2014) we (the Service Users) knew it was time, we simply had to speak out, make a stand and share our voices.
















We didn’t want to return to being lonely, isolated and stuck in our homes without companionship with our Mental Health issues. Or in crisis (be it an everyday life problem or a Mental Health issue) without support.                                 

 - 3,000 signed petitions,

 - 150 letters/e-mails, 

 - articles in local/national papers,

 - protests and impassioned speeches up at Ealing Council and many other  meetings

What Happened?

Together we united and made a stand:-









-Solace is open 365 days a year (inc Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays)

-Solace is Self-Referral* - so no long waiting lists when you want to, 

                                            go -pop in when it suits you. 

-Solace offers an informal space to connect with other people with Mental Health issues.

Why does Solace work for us?

We didn’t want to get to the stage of having to go to a hospital if it could be managed at an earlier stage by support whilst in the community.

                                    * If you’re on a Section,

then the introduction before visiting is a little bit longer.

(Either call or ask your MH Professional to contact The Solace Centre).

  It's a necessary process to protect and support both current and future members/visitors.  

Mental Health Out of Hours Resource Centre supporting vulnerable long and enduring Mental Health Service Users (schizophrenia, bi-polar, depression, hearing voices).


This invaluable resource helps Service Users remain stable and maintained in the community, out of the hospital. Supporting Mental Health problems, social inclusion, respite, support with day-to-day problems, peer support, making friends, reducing isolation.


Mental Health problems (be it a crisis or loneliness) come down “self-referral”. No waiting lists. Open 365 days (inc Bank Holidays).

Help and join The Solace Centre, we can offer a lot of support.


85 members, West Ealing based. Adult Social Services, LBE run with formal links to Ealing Hospital’s Forensic Teams, Recovery, Assessment, Early Intervention, Supported Housing, Substance Misuse, Police, GP’s, Home Treatment, Housing, Funeral Directors, Care & Social Workers signpost CPA or Hospital Discharge. Women's group with dual diagnosis e.g. domestic abuse, carers needing respite.

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